Muziekgebouw 10 years
12 September 2015 Amsterdam

Visioenen van kleurenpracht - rond Unsuk Chin
10 October 2015 Paris
22 October 2015 Amsterdam

An Evening of Today 2016
16 February 2016 The Hague
18 February 2016 Amsterdam

Het Pad van Boeddha (the Path of the Buddha)
2 April 2016 Amsterdam

Death of Light/Light of Death
12 April 2016 Tilburg
23 April 2016 Zutphen

Loevendie, De Vries, Roukens and Bulsink
12 May 2016 Amsterdam


Muziekgebouw 10 years - The best eight ensembles
Sat 12 September 2015 Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ 20.15
Muziekgebouw 10 years >

Nieuw Ensemble
Ed Spanjaard conductor

Amsterdam Sinfonietta
Cappella Amsterdam
Ives Ensemble
Nederlands Blazers Ensemble
Slagwerk Den Haag

John Adams Short Ride in a Fast Machine
Giovanni Gabrieli Addio, dolce mia vita
Kate Moore Synaesthesia Suite (arrangement)
Mathilde Wantenaar new work (world première)
Ali Askin Backslash Backslash (part 3)
Leoš Janáček Rikadla
Tan Dun Circle with Four Trios, Conductor and Audience (Nieuw Ensemble)
Genevieve Murphy Blue and Purple (world première)
Dmitri Sjostakovitsj Kammersinfonie op. 118a Adagio & Allegro Furioso
Reza Namavar Bach in Perzië, Aria Variatio nr. (tba)
Willem Jeths Strijdlied voor de nieuwe muziek (world première, with all ensembles)


Visioenen van kleurenpracht - rond Unsuk Chin
Sat 10 October 2015 Paris Autumn Festival 16.00 >
Thu 22 October 2015 Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ 20.15
Donderdagavondserie >

Nieuw Ensemble
Ed Spanjaard conductor
Yeree Suh soprano
Wu Wei sheng

Unsuk Chin cosmigimmicks – a musical pantomime (2012, revision 2013)
Unsuk Chin Akrostichon-Wortspiel – Seven scenes from fairy tales for soprano and ensemble (1991, revision 1993)
Jeongkyu Park Into... for sheng and ensemble (2015; première)
Unsuk Chin Gougalon, Scenes from a Street Theater (2009/2011)

Unsuk Chin: For me, this concert feels like homecoming, for it includes two works especially written for the Nieuw Ensemble - spanning two decades.

Ed Spanjaard with Unsuk Chin and Yeree Suh in Paris


An Evening of Today 2016
Tue 16 February 2016 The Hague Korzo 20.00 >
Thu 18 February 2016 Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ 20.15
Donderdagavondserie >

Nieuw Ensemble
Gregory Charette conductor
Lam Lai, Matthew Schoen video
Sarah Jeffery & Darragh Kearns-Hayes tin whistles
Vinny Jones light design

Lam Lai (Hong Kong) Piwogana for ensemble and video
Haukur Þór Harðarson (Iceland) From which one cannot turn away
Rick van Veldhuizen (The Netherlands) de formation
Carmen Vanderveken (Canada) Pinky Blood for ensemble, tape and video
Seán ó Dálaigh (Ireland) (negative space)
Darragh Kearns-Hayes (Ireland) Is Cuimhin liom

An Evening of Today is a collective creative event in which young professional composers collaborate with the musicians of the Nieuw Ensemble to offer an evening of musical diversity using the halls of Korzo The Hague and Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ Amsterdam. Through musical and visual means, lighting, magic and theatrical elements, the composers and production team work together to present an evening of live and immersive contemporary music, offering to the audience an exciting glimpse of 2016’s new music scene. >

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Het Pad van Boeddha (the Path of the Buddha)
Sat 2 April 2016 Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ 20.15
World music series >

Dhruba Ghosh sarangi
Niti Ranjan Biswas tabla
with Julia Ohrmann tanpura

Nieuw Ensemble
Ed Spanjaard conductor
Frank Brakkee viola
Anna voor de Wind clarinet

Indian Ragas by Dhruba Ghosh, Niti Ranjan Biswas, Julia Ohrmann
Giacinto Scelsi Kya (1959) for clarinet and ensemble
Shih-Wei Lo ...Toward Anātman (2016) for the Nieuw Ensemble (première)
Chingwen Chao Dark Light (2016) for viola and ensemble (première)
Jonathan Harvey Wheel of Emptiness (1997)

In this special double-bill the Buddhist influence on traditional Indian and contemporary composed music come together. The world renowned raga-master Dhruba Ghosh fascinates on his sarangi (string instrument), together with tabla virtuoso Niti Ranjan Biswas. The Nieuw Ensemble performs two classics of the Buddhists Giacinto Scelsi and Jonathan Harvey and new work by two of Harvey's talented students.

Dark Light was made possible with support of the National Culture and Arts Foundation Taiwan. ...Toward Anātman was made possible by a grant from the American Composers Forum with funds provided by the Jerome Foundation.



Death of Light/Light of Death
Tue 12 April 2016 Tilburg De Link 20.30 >
Sat 23 April 2016 Zutphen Dat Bolwerck 20.00 >

Soloists of the Nieuw Ensemble
Ernest Rombout oboe
Ernestine Stoop harp
Helenus de Rijke guitar
Angel Gimeno violin
Frank Brakkee viola
Jeroen den Herder violoncello

Melle Heij Masquerade for oboe, harp and string trio (première)
Danai Belosinof they were cut for harp (première)
Manuel Sánchez García Verloren - Opus Nigrum Pendule for oboe and string trio (première)
Joël Bons Pendule for guitar and harp (première)
Jonathan Harvey Death of Light/Light of Death (1998)

For Jonathan Harvey (1939-2012) spirituality and mysticism were important. Apart from ephemerality, his theme was above the suffering that plays such an enormous role in human existence. The theme resounds in his impressive Death of Light/Light of Death. This five-part piece is based on the Issenheim Altarpiece of Matthias Grunewald, about which Harvey mentioned: Perhaps no crucifixion ever seemed quite so devestating, the Light has gone out. According to Harvey the purpose of music is to reveal and heal the nature of suffering; the ultimate question of existence.

Young composers and gratuates from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam wrote new pieces especially for this concert.


Loevendie / De Vries / Roukens / Bulsink
Thu 12 May 2016 Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ 20.15
Donderdagavondserie >

Nieuw Ensemble
Ed Spanjaard conductor
Wolter Wierbos trombone
Wilbert Bulsink 'luchtpiano'
Joost Lijbaart percussion
Patrick Delges/Centre Henri Pousseur live-electronics

Joey Roukens Catching Proteus (2005)
Wilbert Bulsink Prelude Nr 2 (2003)
Theo Loevendie Bons (1991) for improviser and ensemble
Wilbert Bulsink Op/Weg... geblazen (2008) for luchtpiano and ensemble
Theo Loevendie A Dramé (1996) for djembé and ensemble
Klaas de Vries Ghaf (2003) for ensemble, audience and live-electronics

Three generations of prominent Dutch composers are combined in this concert. Influences from jazz, pop and non-Western music by Theo Loevendie (85), Wilbert Bulsink (32) and Joey Roukens (33) contrast the earnestness of Klaas de Vries' (71) spatial and ample Ghaf, somewhere between a composition and an audiovisual installation.

Loevendie and De Vries are old friends and their paths crossed many times; Bulsink studied with Loevendie, Roukens with De Vries. Loevendie's jazz-companions Joost Lijbaart and Wolter Wierbos are soloists in A Dramé en Bons, Wilbert Bulsink plays the 'luchtpiano' (designed by two high school students). Ed Spanjaard conducts.
All the works are especially written for the Nieuw Ensemble.

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recording Prelude Nr 2 >
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