Soldaat op weg naar huis

Thu 31 October 2013 Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ 20.15 
Donderdagavondserie >


Nieuw Ensemble
Ed Spanjaard conductor


Theo Loevendie Venus and Adonis Suite (1980-81)
Tristan Keuris Acht Miniaturen (1980) 
Rodney Sharman Departures (2008) 
Igor Stravinsky Histoire du Soldat (1918)


Soldaat op weg naar huis 

 On the 11th of March 1981 the Nieuw Ensemble made its debut with a premiere program. In 2012, the subsidy tap for the NE stopped and the three decades of unprecedented growth ended abruptly. In 2013 the NE starts from the beginning: in the first program of the 2013-14 season, two pieces specially written for the debut program of the NE will be brought to life. As a symbol of both ancient times and a new beginning it will perform Departures, a work that Rodney Sharman wrote in 2008 for the current basic formation of the NE. After the break the NE will play a piece with which chief conductor Ed Spanjaard in 1973 with the Dutch Wind Ensemble put his first steps into the Amsterdam music scene: Stravinsky's Story of the Soldier: "On the road from Sas to Sluis, a soldier on his way home '... The bright and vital Dutch pieces reveal how much the Dutch composing was influenced by Stravinsky in the eighties.

Atlas Ensemble 
Thu 19 December 2013 Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ 20.15 Donderdagavondserie >

The Atlas Festival in the summer of 2012 was a great success. The Atlas Ensemble unites again a host of musicians from China, Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe for a program with new works. This unique chamber orchestra presents an unheard sound of European and Asian instruments. 

An Evening of Today 2
Thu 16 January 2014 Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ 20.15 Donderdagavondserie >

An Evening of Today is a program in all the spaces of the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, conceived and composed by composition students of the Conservatory of Amsterdam.
The Nieuw Ensemble provides every year with the Platform Young Makers a space for the most talented young composers during a long evening concert.

Around Carter & Harvey
Thu 13 February 2014 Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ 20.15 Donderdagavondserie >

Nieuw Ensemble
Ed Spanjaard conductor 
tbd soprano

Elliott Carter Esprit rude Esprit doux (1985) 
Anton Webern Strijktrio (1934)
Elliott Carter Enchanted Preludes (1988)
Brian Ferneyhough Liber Scintillarum (2012)
Jonathan Harvey Death of Light/Light of Death (1998)
Elliott Carter Tempo e Tempi (1998-99)


nieuw ensemble


In this tribute to two great composers who left us in 2012, the central theme is transience. Carter's beautiful song cycle Tempo e Tempi on texts by the Italian poets Ungaretti and Quasimodo refers to the passage of time while Jonathan Harvey's Death of Light / Light of Death is inspired by the impressive Issenheim altarpiece by Matthias Grünewald, on which Harvey remarked: 'perhaps no crucifixion ever seemed quite so devastating, the light has gone out.' The purpose of Harvey's music is to reveal the nature of suffering and generate a process of release. The ultimate question of existence. The music of Harvey and Carter is accompanied by the phenomenal short String Trio by Webern and a new composition of Brian Ferneyhough. The concert opens with a premiere by Joël Bons, a short 'hymn of praise' for two musicians of the Nieuw Ensemble, clarinet player Arjan Kappers and pianist John Snijders, who recently left the group.

Rond Tan Dun – Water Passion
Mon 14 April 2014 Rotterdam De Doelen >
Wed 16 April 2014 Düsseldorf Tonhalle >
Thu 17 April 2014 Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ 20.15 Donderdagavondserie >

Nieuw Ensemble & Cappella Amsterdam
conductor Tan Dun
Maria Chiara Chizzoni soprano
Stephen Bryant bass-bariton
Yuanlin Chen sampler
Uri Rapaport light

Tan Dun Water Passion after St. Matthew *

* Dutch première

Tan Dun about his Water Passion:

Water, a metaphor for the unity of the ephemeral and the eternal, the physical and the spiritual -- as well as a symbol of baptism, renewal, re-creation and resurrection -- played a key role in the conception of my Water Passion after St. Matthew. Using a "Water-Instruments-Orchestra," as well as the Xun, an ancient ceramic instrument; fiddling techniques of the Silk Road cultures; and solo and choral vocalizations from my "Sound Map of One World Tradition" - which features monk chanting, Tuvan overtone singing, and the high-pitched calligraphy of Eastern Opera traditions...Water Passion after St. Matthew is musical metaphysics and drama based on the story of Jesus's Passion according to St. Matthew.


Shanghai Spring International Music Festival
From 6-11 May the Nieuw Ensemble took part in one of the most important Chinese festivals, the Shanghai Spring Festival. Conducted by Artjom Kim, the ensemble played both European and Chinese repertoire.

Thu May 8 Shanghai Concert Hall >
Nieuw Ensemble
Artjom Kim conductor
Angel Gimeno violin

Luis Gonçalves Passarim (2011)
Wang Tiantian Moni's Prayer Song
Frédéric Durieux Ritt
Franco Donatoni Refrain
Joël Bons Green Dragon
Helena Tulve Ligne d'Horizon (2005)
Jonathan Harvey Scena

Sat May 10 He Luting Concert Hall >
Nieuw Ensemble
Artjom Kim conductor

Selected works of the Rivers Awards Composition Competition:
Zhang Zhiliang Five Mixed Colors
Song Yang The Dome
Muzappar Abulat Lost II
Lin Luxin The Journey at Dawn
Cui Shihui Intonation of the Burial of Flowers
Xu Feiyang SU
Li Chenyao The Dance of the Shadow Puppetry
Wang Erqing Paradise Drowned
Wang Tingi Listen to the Rain

Sun May 11 He Luting Concert Hall >
Nieuw Ensemble
Artjom Kim conductor

Guo Wenjing She Huo
Chen Qigang Poeme Lyrique
Jia Guoping The Wind Sounds in the Sky (2002)
Xu Shuya Vacuité/Consistance
He Xuntian Images in Sound 2
An Chengbi Constellation (2013)

"Chinese Masters" programme with masterpieces of composers from Beijing and Shanghai, among others Guo Wenjing, Chen Qigang and Xu Shuya. The Nieuw Ensemble has been working with them since 1991.

Dress rehearsal with Chinese musicians in Shanghai Concert Hall