Atlas Lab
27 August - 5 September 2016 Amsterdam

Atlas Ensemble - Nomaden
28 October 2016 Amsterdam
30 October 2016 Groningen
5 November 2016 Den Bosch

Double portrait Elliott Carter / Franco Donatoni
1 December 2016 Amsterdam
6 December 2016 Antwerp
7 December 2016 Arnhem

Transformations - Carola Bauckholt / Christina Kubisch
9 February 2017 Amsterdam

An Evening of Today
30 March 2017 Amsterdam
13 April 2017 The Hague

Just Playing
20 April 2017 Amsterdam


Atlas Lab
Sat 27 Aug - Mon 5 Sept 2016 Conservatorium van Amsterdam

The Atlas Lab (previously Atlas Academy) is an international meeting place for composers and musicians from all over the world. Devoted to the development of new intercultural music, the Atlas Lab offers a wide range of presentations, demonstrations, lectures, composers practical workshops on non-western instruments and seminars about eastern musical cultures and composing for intercultural instrumental combinations. >

Atlas Ensemble - Nomaden
Fri 28 October 2016 Amsterdam Cello Biënnale 17.30 >
Sun 30 October 2016 Groningen Soundsofmusic 16.15 >
Sat 5 November 2016 Den Bosch November Music 20.30 >

Jean-Guihen Queyras & Atlas Ensemble
Ed Spanjaard

Joël Bons Nomaden (2016)

The Atlas Ensemble and renowned cellist Jean-Guihen Queyras will perform the brand new programme Nomaden (Dutch for Nomads) under the baton of Ed Spanjaard. In this work, composed by artistic director Joël Bons, the cellist will enter into dialogues with instruments from different cultures. Queyras meets musicians like the Indian sarangi master Dhruba Ghosh, Turkish Neva Özgen on kemençe, Azerbaijani kamancha virtuoso Elshan Mansurov, the Persian setar player Kiya Tabassian,Chinese sheng phenomenon Wu Wei and the Japanese shō magician Naomi Sato. Thus, a continuous stream of one hour of music will form a richly varied mosaic.

The Atlas Ensemble is a unique chamber orchestra that unites brilliant musicians from China, Japan, Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe. The ensemble brings together instruments from various cultures which, whilst originating from the same ancestor, have travelled and developed over the course of centuries. Thus, a wide variety of instruments came into being. By combining these descendants and their timbres, beautiful and previously unheard blends are obtained. This concept embodies the essence of the Atlas Ensemble. The repertoire consists of newly written works. More >


Double portrait Elliott Carter / Franco Donatoni
Thu 1 December 2016 Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ 20.15 >
Tue 6 December 2016 Antwerp deSingel 20.00 >
Wed 7 December 2016 Arnhem Luxor Live 20.15 >

Nieuw Ensemble
Ed Spanjaard conductor
Katharine Dain mezzo-soprano
Eeva Koskinen violin
Ernest Rombout oboe

Franco Donatoni Arpège (1986)
Elliott Carter Luimen (1997)
Franco Donatoni Spiri (1977)
Elliott Carter Con leggerezza pensosa *
Franco Donatoni Refrain
Elliott Carter A Mirror on which to dwell (1975)

Concert with introductions by the composers on film.

* In Arnhem Walthamstow (1994) by Andries van Rossem - written for the Nieuw Ensemble - replaces Con leggerezza pensosa.

On Wednesday January 4 2017 at 20H the concert at deSingel Antwerp was broadcasted on the radio programme Klara Live.

Reviews CD Elliott Carter
Parool 4-2-2004 >
De Volkskrant 29-1-2004 >
De Gelderlander 11-2-2004 >

Concert reviews Donatoni De Volkskrant 4/4/2008 >

Luimen by Elliott Carter (photo: Meredith Heuer, 2000)

Franco Donatoni (photo: Joël Bons)


Transformations - Carola Bauckholt / Christina Kubisch
Thu 9 February 2017 Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ >

Nieuw Ensemble
Ed Spanjaard conductor

Carola Bauckholt Treibstoff for ensemble (1995)
Christina Kubisch Wien Landstraße for strings and electromagnetic sounds (2016, première)
Carola Bauckholt Laufwerk for ensemble and samples (2011)
Christina Kubisch Seven Magnetic Places for loudspeakers (2016, première)
Carola Bauckholt Point of Presence for ensemble and electromagnetic sounds (2016, première)

review de Volkskrant 14-2-2017 >
interview Thea Derks with Bauckholt and Kubisch 30-1-17 >

Bauckholt & Kubisch (photos: Klaus Rudolph & gateways)


An Evening of Today
Thu 30 March 2017 Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ 20.15 >
Thu 13 April 2017 The Hague Korzo 20.30 >

Nieuw Ensemble
Ryan Bancroft conductor
Jerboah art-rock band
Ilse Evers dance
Gabriel Milliet quena flute

New works by young composers (premières):
Brechtje (Netherlands) Elementen
Marcelo Chacur Politano (Brazil) Gingas n2
Simon Knighton (United Kingdom) Barcodes
Carlo Diaz (United States) visions of small-minded Men
Emile Frankel (Australia) Uttering a Forged Instrument | From Worm to Crying Moth
Yael Levi (Israel) White-Gray-Black

An Evening of Today is a collective creative event in which young professional composers collaborate with the musicians of the Nieuw Ensemble to offer an evening of musical diversity using the halls of Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ Amsterdam and Korzo The Hague. Through musical and visual means, lighting, and theatrical elements, the composers and production team work together to present an evening of live and immersive contemporary music, offering to the audience an exciting glimpse of 2017’s new music scene. >

Interview Thea Derks with Brechtje 20-3-2017 >

An Evening of Today is financially supported by the Kleyn Foundation.


Just Playing
Thu 20 April 2017 Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ >

Nieuw Ensemble
Ed Spanjaard conductor

selection of:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Musikalisches Würfelspiel (1787)
Theo Loevendie Aulos (1972)
Karlheinz Stockhausen Kreuzspiel (1951)
Tom Johnson Plucking (première)
György Kurtág Signs, Games and Messages (1961-2005)
Solage Fumeux fume par fumée
Misha Mengelberg Beestebeest versus Hertie (1995)
Bruno Maderna Serenata per un satellite (1969)
Gérard Pesson Carmagnole (2015)
Guus Janssen Pogo IV (1995)

The works by Guus Janssen and Misha Mengelberg are especially written for the Nieuw Ensemble in 1995; Tom Johnson's piece is a première.